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Mental Health Care Center in Mumbai | Triveni Foundation

We provide a variety of rehabilitation programmes, but our expertise is in treating mental illnesses. The programme we provide for mental illness aids patients in overcoming any mental illnesses and ensuring living a normal life. We house a large number of patients at our Mental Health Care Center in Mumbai and offer them efficient care. Alcohol and drug abuse lead to the development of mental health problems. All illnesses can be properly treated at our rehabilitation centre. Substance misuse leads to mental addiction in certain people

Know more about Mental Health Care Center in Mumbai

We are renowned as a leading facility where all patients with ailments receive successful treatment. As the best Mental Health Care Center in Mumbai, we not only focus on treating patients but also help them to complete recovery by providing effective care. Additionally, our caring staff at our mental health rehabilitation center take excellent care of patients and provide them with appropriate care. The attention and care we provide to patients earns our hospital the reputation of being one of the top Mental Health Care Centers in Mumbai. To help patients recover from medical concerns, we provide therapeutic and medicinal treatments at our facility.

We are regarded as a top Mental Health Care Centre in Mumbai because of the high calibre medical care we provide, which is known to provide substantial advantages. The psychiatrists have the best expertise to treat mental patients with a higher rate of success and work with highly qualified employees. In addition to psychiatrists, our Rehabilitation Centre For Mental Health employs psychologists who are renowned for their expertise in this field. Since the organization's beginning, we have provided all patients with high-quality care. All of these factors have elevated us to the top Mental Health Care Centre and aided in gaining patients' trust.

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