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We at The TRIVENI FOUNDATION are there to help you with whatever you are struggling with.


We understand the limitation of boundaries so we are available via online consultation, counselling, coaching and health support


Our relationship with the patients does not end with their discharge from the Rehabilitation Centre but we become an integral part of their addiction free life.

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1) To Fight Against Menace Of Drug Addiction (manasa Warriors)

2) To Rehabilitate And Protect Rights Of Mentally l And Senior Citizens By Improving Functional Quality Of Life.

3) To Create Awareness in Society About Psychiatry As A Neuroscience Through Integration Of Art And Science (bio Psychosocial Model)

4) To Establish As A Training Institute In Field Of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

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To Rejuvenate The Patients' Lives With Their Full Participation Through
Multidisciplinary Approach Thus Providing Equal Opportunities For Growth And Reintegration In Society

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Semi Delux And Delux Rooms Also General Dormitory Units In House Catering ( Veg /non Veg) And Laundry

24 Hour Hot And Cold Water

Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Music Therapy Art Therapy ( Skill Enhancement)

Indoor And Outdoor Recreational Activities

Library And Computer Training

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Detoxification And Deaddiction (alcohol, Tobacco, Charas, Bhang, Ganja, Heroin ,Cocaine, lsd, Meth, Brown Sugar, Inhalants Etc.

Rehabilitation For Chronic Psychiatric Patients

Dementia Care And Rehabilitation (memory And Cognitive Skill Enhancement For Independent Activities Of Daily Living)

Old Age Rehabilitation

Neurorehabilitation { Day Care)

Vocational Training To Restore Functionality On Long Term

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