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We provide short term and long term Nasha Mukti treatments according to the substance used by addict at our Triveni Foundation


Triveni Foundation is renowned as one of the best Nasha Mukti Kendra  Mumbai that offers De Addiction & Rehabilitation programme for addiction. We offer Short Term & Long Term De Addiction Treatment & Rehab Program that is tailored according to the substance used by addict helping to restore hope, health and your relationships. Addiction to alcohol or any other drugs falls under the category of the country's biggest health issues.


There are many people who struggle with curbing their drinking habits at some phase in their lives. As per the survey conducted in 2013 by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, an Indian government body, globally 246 million people (1 out of 20) who're aging between 16 to 65 years, decoyed by the excess usage of an illicit drug. Out of this number, around 27 million people are troubled with drug uses where 1 in 10 children are forced to live with parents who are having drinking issues.

Whether the person is addicted to alcohol or any type of drug, it can over a while cost them their life. No matter how worst the condition may seem, the good news is with a little effort this addition can be effectively treatable and managed for life. All that needs is good treatment!

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